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Interdisciplinary Arts

Presenting "my journey" as part of an exposition curated by Iarts year 1 and Jeton Muja and Bink van Vollenhoven. Main subject: The BIC pen


Sacred Moments

Aluminium, gold foil, cardboard, velvet, plastic, glass, Ecoline, metal 
Sound design made using KORG MS20, Ibanez Bass and Bow


Art description

While looking back at my journey I came across the many shapes and forms that I have taken on within myself. I reflect by strife, learning, adapting, and moving on. While some moments were traumatizing, depressing, out of my control or calculated, others were lovely and heartwarming.  

The path I am walking on takes me through interesting situations and “I” as in me, my physical shape, is only a mere vessel of adapting to every situation. The works presented resemble this adaptation and the shapelessness of a moment. What makes these moments sacred is their capability of making you who you are. It is this very element that makes them worthy of awe and respect. 

I wanted to use the components that the BIC pen is made from and abandoned its shape. I wanted to forget the function of the pen itself, denying its application and fundamentally reinterpreting its essence.  

The pen consists of three main elements; plastic, the metal point, and the typical blue ink. The plastic shape with its blue ink resembles the vivid memory. The shape is presented on a metal bearer guarding its formless presence.  

The gold nugget stands for the learning moments, which are precious. These are presented on a metal bearer with a velvet touch.  

Finally, the red velvet amorph produces sound, embodying the conquered and lingering moments that have shaped me throughout the pain of which I have learned from the most. 

What is your last conquered moment? 

Sacred MomentsThalos Sacritas
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