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Imagine the brain, 
Imagining human

‘Imagine the Brain, Imagining Human’ is an inspiring theme to work with in the field of the visual arts. It enables becoming aware of the ways in which the visual arts are connected with the perception, literally as well figuratively, physical and psychological and thus our brain, because of the huge amount of perceptual processes. This project offers inspiring sources to enable such awareness. In specific, research into prehistoric art as well as research on outsider / naive art can help us to think about our understanding of art.
This theme informs a brief method to understand the history of art and contemporary art. And seen their focus on the subconscious and the intuitive, research of Surrealism and Dadaism can help in finding answers.


Inner Fight
Inner Light

Sacritas delves into the complex realm of desire, drawing upon Lacan's idea of the "Desire of the Other," which includes the longing to be desired by others and the yearning for what others desire. According to Slavoj Žižek, this pursuit of others' desires often leads to envy and resentment, which are fundamental aspects of human desire.

Sacritas builds on Nietzsche and Freud's views, suggesting that envy is a result of the desire for what others possess. The discussion on Outsider art intersects with the concept of envy, this leads Sacritas to think about fairness and equality. Envy, inherent in human nature, compels us to strive for improvement and ethical conduct. Thus, the importance of envy emerges, as it emphasizes the distinct perspective of outsiders, whose work remains unreplicable by those outside their realm. 


After a rigorous ten-week research, Sacritas underscores a curiosity to explore the nuances of mental and physical distinctions, emphasizing a continuous pursuit to comprehend others. Through artistic expression, Sacritas aims to challenge societal labels, asserting that even as an "outsider," one can cultivate academic curiosity and produce professional art infused with creativity and spontaneity. Additionally, Sacritas advocates for recognizing disorder within the realm of art, aiming to break down conventional boundaries and promote inclusivity in creative communities. 


Overview / inspiration

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