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We have five senses which we use to process the world around us. However, in modern society these senses seem to be constantly overstimulated, deceived, or neglected. Can we still trust our experiences?

With EveryNothing, we created an experience that will make the audience reimagine their senses. In a cyborg society, one that forces the body to engage in a relationship with the digital world, we have to ask ourselves: Can we still trust everything we see? What we hear? What we touch?

Is the object you love, the object you feel, the object you hold, more real? What is an algorithm, and how does it affect us? Are we kept fixated in tunnel vision? 

Can we stay connected to ourselves, and the things we hold with our hands, even though our world is infinetely expanding itself online? 

Does anything, everywhere, mean nothing, all at once?

live still Everynothing

"You and the rock"

Place yourself in the space where you can see the screen clearly. 

All of you have been gifted a rock 
Place the rock in between your fingertips and feel the texture 

Feel the rock 

The rock is now an extension of your body 

Tilt your head upwards and balance it on your forehead,  

Briefly close your eyes 
Be in that headspace for a moment 


Gently open your eyes and look at the screen 
What do you see? 
What effect does it have on you? 

Place the rock on your left shoulder  

and slowly drag it down to your wrist. 

Keep your focus on the screen. 

How does that feel for you? 
Is it comfortable? 

Is it uncomfortable? 

You can do it on the other side as well. 

Start from you right shoulder 

And go down to your wrist. 

How does that rock feel on your skin? 

Is it different when it touches your shoulder,

the inner part of your arm or your wrist? 

Place the rock inside of your hands again and reach for the sky 


Look at the rock 

Feel the weight of the stone 

How it wants you to drop your arms 

Keep them up, as the rock wants to be sky-high. 

Keeping your arms straight, lower your arms.  

keep looking at the rock, give it all your attention 

Slowly, bring the rock closer to your body and place it on your heart 

Placing the rock in between your fingertips again, did the texture change for you? 

Now you’ve made a connection. 

Keep it close, briefly close your eyes.  


Open your eyes again and look at the screen 

Place the rock in your left hand covering it with your right hand 


Focus on the screen 


What do you see? 




You sense that the stone is holding you back 

It makes it less you 

It takes to much of your attention 

You cannot focus because of it 


Extend your arm as far away from you as possible 


Feel the lost connection between you and the stone 


This means nothing 

Drop the stone 

This means nothing 

Now leave the room  


This means nothing

Does this mean everything?

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