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Natalya Thelen is an artist based in Maastricht (NL)

Specialised in graphic, sound and traditional design.


Active projects: Yantras and Thalos/Sacritas.

I as a maker and a thinker

am always on the hunt for new impulses and I am curious to everything around me, big or small.


I hope my work will touch a spot within you, that normally hides safe underneath the surface.

Natalya Thelen


Thalos Sacritas is an interdisciplinary artist whose multifaceted practice spans vocal performances, synthesizer, bass guitar, and a portfolio of both digital and traditional artworks.

Known for her hauntingly introspective style, Sacritas's melancholy weaves together themes of solitude and introspection to explore the beauty inherent in darker emotions.

Rooted in a philosophy that peace can be found within the depths of darkness, Sacritas's artistic expression serves as a voyage into the somber shades of human experience.

Her music, characterized by ethereal vocal harmonies, primal growls, witchy screams, intricate synth layers, and deep bass lines, acts as an exploration of sound, inviting listeners to lose themselves within her immersive sonic landscapes.

In her visual art, Sacritas employs a similarly somber palette, crafting images that evoke a sense of quietude and reflective calm. Whether through swirling digital patterns or raw paintings, her works challenge the viewer to confront their own perceptions of light and shadow, stillness, and emotion.

Throughout her career, Thalos Sacritas has remained dedicated to pushing the boundaries of artistic mediums and emotional depth. Her work not only captivates but also comforts, serving as a reminder that even in the most shadowed paths, there is beauty and peace to be found. As both an artist and a visionary, Sacritas continues to redefine how art can speak to the quietest parts of our soul.


2023 to date

Interdisciplinary Arts
Maastricht University of Arts

At iArts, we collaborate closely with professionals specializing in the cross-fertilisation of artistic disciplines. We also collaborate with scientists, policymakers, entrepreneurs and professionals in both the public and private sectors. This shapes the students into decisive change agents of the future.  

2015 - 2018
Graphic design
Gilde Opleidingen

Graphic design is the visual design of ideas in different media, with the aim of communicating something to people. This requires the use of both artistic and technical skills. Graphic design strives for both visual expression and creativity in the presentation of text and images.


2018 - 2022

Handmade pattern designer


Specialized in handmade designs.

Geometric, ethnic and nature themed designs made in half drop

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